Monday, September 5, 2016

Rush Limbaugh's Claim re: "American" Medicine

Just a quick retort to my favorite talk show host who praises America's health system as "the best in the world".

Doctors he thinks helped save his hearing. I hope to God they did, for which I'm grateful because he's a fine smart man. I listen to him often.

Perhaps another sort of medicine may have been more beneficial, for his allopathic venue probably involved an invasive procedure, but the present medical system is not designed to accommodate varied opinion to let the client base decide based on good anecdote or evidence.

Instead - as in cancer for example - if you say you're treating or curing cancer in any way OTHER THAN surgery (mutilation), chemotherapy (poisoning) or radiation (burning), (3 good-paying avenues), they will legislate you to death or sideline you as a "quack". Never mind that research giants or good samaritans have often demonstrated cures - not "treatments" - to cure the damn disease!

Rush, like most people when they're hurting, had only one thought in mind - "Where's the nearest doctor?" and off he went to 'the best of them'.

The whole vertical structure is under tight control; Whether you go to a "hospital" or "doctor"; Whether it's licensing or other ways - that make sure the "treatment" or "therapy", and the government laws, fit only certain approaches.

This mafia has the government as a bedmate to ensure stiff control, even sending SWAT teams to the home if necessary.

A good rub-in of an essential oil, for example, may well have been all it needed to help Rush with his hearing, but who would or could know - given our horrible American medical system that runs on greedy money. People holding good cures have no portal through which they can legally offer their knowledge because that knowledge first must be filtered for "governmental correctness".

France and Canada too share this public suffering at the hands of the corrupt few. Just look at the giants of recent years whom they've eliminated; The list is very long; Just a few huge personalities come to mind: Gaston Naessens (who is alive today thank God, who Canada tried to beat down after France their first heavy blows); Mirko Beljanski (who was probably irradiated to death in a French prison); Royal Rife (who America legislated to death); ....

The "establishment" will, hopefully, undergo a rehaul with a Trump victory and maybe, just maybe, American medicine too will be able to make a clean break from the control of BigPharmaMafia (from schools to laboratories to pharmacies to hospitals) so we can finally divine in free and fresh air.

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