Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Talent from God

This young lad, who plays Billy Joel's "Piano Man", some idiotic psychiatrist (most of whom are psychotic) labeled "autistic". Genius would be much more appropriate a label (only the psychiatrist couldn't fathom the kid's heights from so low a depth from which he observed. The kid probably immediately assessed the numbskull and ignored all the stupid questions that offended his sanity.)

Truly wondrous! 6 years old and reading notes on the fly too.

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I'm not saying children cannot have brain problems. But psychiatrists they certainly do not need. Psychiatrists are "make-believe doctors of the brain" but know absolutely nothing about the brain, not any more than your average Joe on the street. It may well be the reason children develop brain symptomology has to do with doctor-induced poisons like mercury vaporizing from dental amalgam, or from mercury from vaccinations they received. But the psychiatrist, the idiot doctor who goes around with pen and notepad to record the dreams of his subjects - belongs in a mental institution. Because after he makes his pencil and paper "diagnosis", he subjects his patients to a lifetime of pill-popping, as well as stigmatizes his patients for a lifetime as being "psychotic". And to wean these patients thereafter off their drugs becomes near impossible. Psychiatrists are monsters in the guise of "doctors".