Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good Riddance to Small Medical Practices

Look at this; Obamacare wants to do away with small doctor practices. Why? This they won't tell you, but it's the same reason they want to eliminate small farmers, like organic farmers. By having only big medical establishments, the competition to their METHODS of TREATMENT will go unchallenged. That way they can be sure to dumb down the masses as they, and only they, see fit. E.g., mandatory vaccinations, mandatory "conventional" treatments, mandatory insurance coverage, etc.

An article of alternative medical care of cancer, as, say, Dr. Max Gerson's method, could never get coverage in "respectable" medical journals, but support for Obamacare - does. An article from the Annals of Internal Medicine just came out begging doctors to jump on board this evil scheme. Here's a report about it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Swine Flu - Remember the Fuss?

You remember all the fuss made about the "Swine Flu" (later changed to "Someother Flu" name, not to impinge upon Muslim sensibilities)? Well - nothing happened of it - did it? It was all a lot of hot air - with the intention to PUSH VACCINATIONS. As if a healthy body could not fight off a flu virus. As if a little more mercury and whatever else contained in the vaccine cannot hurt. When all it really was was another way to make some quick money for Big Pharma.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Do You Have Silver Fillings?

Have any "silver" fillings in your mouth? Then beware, or at least be aware, amalgam contains some 50% mercury. This mercury always emits a vapor, particularly when rubbed, or hot liquid touches it. See here what dentists were never taught; Which is why most of them, also, think the substance is harmless. How would they otherwise know? By reading? Yes, if their busy practice gives them the time. But how many of them, in this time, take time to read on research in their own field? Would they not rather be reading some "leisurely" rather than doing "extra credit" reading about their own trade? Thank goodness for the few that do take the time and do want to buck the system - guys like Dr. Hal Huggins.

Anyhow - this video clip is a must-see for all who want to know - and see - the truth for themselves.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Our Trusty FDA - Another Stab in Our Back

They put Fluoride poison in our waters. That's because we're too stupid to buy Fluoride pills were we to deem that substance necessary for our health. They call ozone a poisonous gas to make sure doctors don't use it for therapy, even though it is a superlative agent that fights infection. Doctors are proscribed from using what pits of apricots contain, vitamin B17 (Laetrile), to fight cancer. The list they label as deleterious is a long. All of them, of course, are unpatentable and therefore cannot bring money into the pharmaceutial coffers. But fluoride poison placed into the public's drinking water, why that's okay. Amalgam, with is heavy component of mercury, has been a dental mainstay for years. And of course, fluoride in the toothpaste is standard.

There are many ways they want to dumb down society to perpetuate illness, and to keep up the demand for medical "treatment" - But now, here comes a new one, and this one too is a biggy.

The link is here.

In plain English, it boils down to this:
It will be Illegal to GROW, SHARE, TRADE, SELL Homegrown FOOD...

In other words,

They want total control to dumb us down, and to control agricultural output.
Kiss goodbye to the small farmer.
Why, you, small farmer, gave the people the food they wanted, and used natural fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer, and you did not spray your fields with pesticides, both of which rob our pharmaceutical companies from "treating" diseased patients, and hurt the income of