Thursday, November 9, 2017

Born Face Up or Face Down; More or Less Pain

The gemora (Niddah 31a) asserts two differences in birth between between boys and girls. Firstly, boys emerge from the natal canal face down, whereas girls emerge face up.

Secondly, regarding the pain of labor and birth, boys are easier to suffer through than are the girls.

How do these two facts dovetail? What has face up or down have to do with pangs of labor and childbirth?

I’d like to speculate as to the reason for this remarkable difference in gender birth.

Boy or girl, the position of the fetal head is usually flexed, located somewhere between its knees.

The boy, who emerges face down, needs not take any special maneuver before he comes out. The head, already pointing down, just keeps the same general position, “rolling” forward into position, as he’s lowered towards the cervix and squeezed out.

The girl, however, with her face pointing down, in order to emerge face up, must now extend her neck, and come out bent over backwards, so that her head come out face up. Her maneuver is a rotation in the opposite direction taken by the boy. He rolls forward. She does what looks like a backward somersault as her maneuver. Thus the girl takes longer to negotiate her exit and also adds to uterine stretching because of her extended neck. Thus the mother must suffer a longer labor and stronger stabs of pain when it's a girl.

I couldn’t find secular science confirming this phenomenon. So I put it out here so you can share my  recently "discovery". (This - even though 45 years ago I delivered 60 babies in an Israeli gynecological internship and never realized these differences!)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Another Great Physician Wasted!

The list is a very long list.

Here’s another victim of assassination by the medical Big-Pharma mafia - in cahoots with the corrupt FDA: Dr. Jeff Bradstreet. He must have been very successful with his autistic patients, because they - the government (probably in Obuma's reign) - raided him in his lab, with guns drawn upon entry .... Then, sometime later, unusual circumstances brought him to an early death ... a wonderful family man and successful physician ... they claim “committed suicide”. They wield the power of media against their innocent victim to boot, adding fuel to the abuse with a smear campaign.

Like I said, Bradstreet was on to something big. Now if you research this doctor’s accomplishments and research, you will encounter stuff that has been studied now for the last 25 years that demonstrates an incredibly new insight into disease - and its cure! Even a cure for cancer! Even 4th stage cancer!

Now how’s that for a threat to Big-Pharma - where instead of chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, you feed your patients a probiotic yogurt (!) as the main component of a nutritional diet, then not just “treating” disease, but providing a CURE!

Here’s a link to the victimized family being interviewed.

The science he was basing his therapy on is, thank God, going on in full force, and a great spokesman and pioneer in this regard is the Italian doctor Marco Ruggiero. This guy is fascinating and if someone could stand in Bradstreet's shoes, this guy can.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

We on Earth Rest at the Center of the Universe

Below is a link to an article that has nothing to do with Health Advice, except to demonstrate that the holy grail of the “Physics Establishment” is as corrupt as is the “Medical Establishment”! The former does its best to sideline the truth of geocentrism, the view of the universe according to Torah-true Judaism, while the latter will do almost anything to paint any good medicine it deems competitive or better as “quack medicine”.

The 2013 results from NASA's Planck probe is a recent discovery that sticks in the throat of Establishment Physics - for it provides real proof for geocentrism. Back in 1887, the Michelson-Morley experiment had shown the Earth to be stationary. That empirical evidence held its own for 25 years before Einstein came along to explain it away with “special relativity”. But then he had to invent “general relativity” to say, “well, I meant everything’s relative because everything's moving relative to each other”. But from a mathematical viewpoint, Einstein now had to admit geocentrism could be just as plausible as heliocentrism. Of course the Establishment still held firmly, until this very day, their claims that it's the Earth is moving.

Ah, but now they must contend with this latest of NASA’s findings. Note this is NASA's 3rd probe to test these same results. Two previous probes yielded the same truth. (That’s why they kept building better probes because they “couldn’t believe” what they found! They needed to make sure their findings were not contaminated by technical artifacts.)

This latest discovery now also sheds light and supports the truth behind the Michelson-Morley experiment’s findings.

Just as sure as modern allopathic medicine wants to quash all alternative medicine, so too physics wants to ban all suggestion the Earth is at rest in the center of the universe, otherwise they would have to acknowledge that "Someone" put us there! It can no longer be claimed, as poor Carl Sagan did, that we're a random speck of dust lost somewhere in a vast universe. With us placed dead center, "randomness" no longer makes sense.

Speaking of corrupt "Establishments", this is not unlike the "Education Establishment" too, who want to teach our children "Evolution", which also presupposes randomness!


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Does Cannabis Fit the Beljanski Phenomenon?

Here’s a story I happened upon of a lady who beat stage 4 cancer. She did so by taking conventional chemotherapy, together with cannabis oil. She also changed her diet significantly, and, last but not least, also took up an exercise regimen that involves rebounding. All these 4 “ingredients” point to their efficacy.

But, you might ask, especially if you’re into wholesome food intake and despise what Big-Pharma has done to medicine, what’s so great about taking conventional (toxic) therapy?

Well, not all of science, is intuitive. In fact, if you follow its history, most of science is counterintuitive!

Now think back to what she did. What she ended up doing, in fact, is, she happened upon a combination that was suggested by Dr. Beljanski in his own discoveries many years earlier. He found that the mixture of low-dose toxic “therapy”, taken with a certain herb, can kill cancer at a phenomenal rate. He found two herbs with this action. Cannabis might be a 3rd such "bolt molecule".

He showed that the real cause of cancer is - not genetic mutation - but, rather, the destabilization of the DNA. What happens with oncogenic toxins is, they cause the configuration of the twisted DNA molecule to "untwist", and at these unraveled loci the exposed DNA, a phenomenon he easily demonstrated with light uptake, now can readily generate unwanted strands of DNA, forcing the cells to reproduce. There are herbs, however, which he found, that recognize these runaway cells with their unwound chromosomes; These can take advantage of these "destabilized" zones either by fixing the unwinding or by causing the cell to die (apoptosis). Later on in his research, he came upon the fantastic result that at first seemed improbable, that 100% results were obtained if these herbs were taken together with a low-dose measure of chemotherapy.

This strange regimen, where allopathic and naturopathic medicine combine, is the therapy, nay - cure, demonstrated by the great scientist Mirko Beljanski. This work he did at a time when his prestigious colleagues in France, England and America were involved in other DNA work that would win them Nobel Prizes (e.g. Watson and Crick).

Exercise, of course, especially rebounding, which enhances lymph flow even more, is just as important. Plus, together with a good diet it probably works synergistically.

The above image shows the before and after of her lung condition. Note how all the lesions, readily seen in the heart’s vicinity, have resolved.

A great book that describes Dr. Beljanski’s work is called “Cancer’s Cause Cancer’s Cure” by Morton Walker. Here again is the familiar story of a giant in medicine forced to bite the dust in shame despite his monumental findings that could help mankind, all because of the greed of the Big-Pharma and their governmental cohorts that constitute the medical mafia.