Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Natural Deodorant

Deodorant companies won't tell you this, but the best and natural deodorant is - baking soda! Apply a little of its powder in the axillae and for the rest of the day odor is eliminated. Not only is the substance natural, it works much better than artificial deodorant, and it's practically free.

Baking soda has no smell, does not stain clothing, retains its power for hours long, even on the hottest of days, is cheap, and, most important, does not contain dangerous ingredients such as aluminum, which all deodorants contain.

Young people are often most likely to purchase the artificial deodorants, out of sheer ignorance, and most often they know nothing about the risks these can have on their own health, or on those who have to smell the spray when it is sprayed on. What they don't know is that clean sweat has no smell. Armpits and their sweat serve a bodily purpose. Artificial deodorants not only have dangerous substances that can be absorbed from the pores into the body, they also impede the natural, and therefore necessary, elimination of waste products from the armpits.
Other uses of this wonderful product:

Skin tears between the toes. Most creams don't work resolutely because shoes are full of bacteria and fungii. A good strategy is to put some powder into the shoes at night, and seal each shoe within a plastic bag. In the morning shake out the powder or vacuum it out. The rest of the day your shoes will be bacteria- and fungal-free.

Closet odor. Place a small dish with powder into the closet. The sodium bicorbonate will absorb the bad odors.

Removes stains from clothes. Just add 3 spoons of the stuff into the washing machine.

Shining teeth. Just add some of this powder onto your toothpaste. (Especially if you smoke!)

Got ants? Spread some powder around there.

Other uses include cleaning grime from pots, smell from thermos bottles and stains on carpets.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Anthrax Vaccine Tests on Children

Here's a glimpse of what the likes of this adminstration (and their remote controllers) have to offer children, should they hold any more power or for a little longer - a Kafkaesque future! Here you see how they literally consider children as nothing more that guinea pigs, so they can not only dumb down a population, when the time comes, but destroy a good part of it too - "accidentally" no doubt.
U.S. Government Considers Testing Anthrax Vaccine On Children

The U.S. government is considering testing its anthrax vaccine on children to determine if it has any potential side effects.

The National Biodefense Science Board (NBSB), a group of federal advisors, convened last month specifically to debate the issue.

The government’s anthrax vaccine has only been tested on adults and members of the board argued that there had been no tests to determine the effectiveness of the vaccine on children.

According to Dr. Nicole Lurie, the assistant secretary for preparedness and response at the Department of Health and Human Services, waiting until a national crisis to use the vaccine for the first time would be problematic as it presents “an array of logistical, clinical and communication challenges during a public health crisis.”
The rest here.

Friday, October 28, 2011

"TorahCare" = Preventive Medicine

Torah's outlook on medicine, by today's standards, looks upside-down. Health care from Torah's perspective advocates a predominantly PREVENTIVE health care, not a NOW-FIX-IT health care.

Doctors should be paid for preventing sickness or disease. When people get sick - that's when doctors should be footing the bill!

Our society has it backwards and that's why society abounds with sickness, and that's why medical prices are skyrocketing. When you focus on treatment of sickness, then, because of high technology that's used, which continues to become more sophisticated, it always costs more. For example, the "Obamacare" solution is 97% about treating sickness. How pathetic!

Were the emphasis on preventive treatment, medical costs would plummet!

Torah is light. Torah is truth. The Torah way to practice preventive health is detailed in Maimonides (Hilchot Deah, chpt. 4). In rule 30, he goes so far as to offer his personal GUARANTEE that a person will remain healthy all his life and never require a doctor until the day he dies when one follows the Torah's way to maintain health. How can Maimonides guarantee it? Because he relies on Torah.

Were people to abide by Torah's laws, medical costs would be negligible, people would live longer, would hardly get ill, will take time to exercise, eat well, sleep well, and one's perspective would be positive and rosy.

By the way, during Moshiach's era, one of the very first phenomena to happen, when new winds will sweep evil from this earth, will be that illness will vanish from humanity. People will throw away their wheel chairs, their crutches, their medications, or whatever else ill health has burdened them with. How do we know this? In Hilchot Tshuvah, regarding the present era, the Rambam mentions health first, in his list of things Torah observance with joy can assure. On the other hand, in the last chapter of his book, in Hilchot Melachim, when he discusses what will transpire during the Messianic era, he makes no mention at all of becoming healthy, because it is a given.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Inhumanity of "Modern" Medicine

40% of Medicare Spending on Common Cancer Screenings Unnecessary

Terry Waddell knew that her 87-year-old mother did not have long to live. The woman’s organs were shutting down because of old age, she said, and her arthritic body had withered to 80 pounds.

So, when Waddell received a call about her mother’s health, it was not what she expected. A visiting nurse had noticed a bit of blood between the frail woman’s legs and wanted her screened for cervical cancer.

Waddell, of Houston, regrets that she took her mother for the test. She refused to let doctor’s aides weigh her, she said, protesting that getting her mother out of her wheelchair was too arduous a process. Then came the actual exam, which she said “was painful to watch.” Her mother struggled to open her legs wide enough for the procedure and then lay there, quietly crying.

“I blame myself for not stopping this,” said Waddell, whose mother died two months later.“It was totally unnecessary.” Unnecessary, perhaps, but surprisingly common.

Read the rest here.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

You Can't Drink Your Own Cow's Milk

A Wisconsin judge has decided – in a fight over families' access to milk from cows they own – that Americans "do not have a fundamental right to consume the milk from their own cow."

The ruling comes from Circuit Court Judge Patrick J. Fiedler in a court battle involving a number of families who owned their own cows, but boarded them on a single farm.

The judge said the arrangement is a "dairy farm" and, therefore, is subject to the rules and regulations of the state of Wisconsin.

"It's always a surprise when a judge says you don't have the fundamental right to consume the foods of your choice," said Pete Kennedy, president of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, which worked on the case on behalf of the farmers and the owners of the milk-producing cows.

The judge's original ruling came in a consolidation of two cases that presented similar situations: Cows being maintained and milked on farms for the benefit of non-resident owners. He refused to grant a summary judgment declaring such arrangements legitimate, deciding instead to favor the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, which opposed them.

Read more here.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Upside-Down Medicine

I don't know about you, but when I see a conventional doctor, you know, the one with a stethoscope draped around his neck, I think of a buffoon, even a murderer. The further I can get away from him, the better I feel. The one exception I make is the emergency medical man. Otherwise, most are either legitimized drug pushers or promoters of invasive surgery.

Never once in my nearly 7 decades of life did any of these allopathic ("straight") doctors ask me what I ate for breakfast, lunch or supper. This, even though what a person puts into his mouth is the number one reason for illness! (See here.) Never once did any ask me if I do exercise.

Many times it's a quick background "interview" - They give you a form with checkboxes and tell you, "Check off the diseases you had and those your parents had; List the medications you are on"; Now they almost "know" your entire history.

Idiotically, they look at symptoms as if these were the disease itself. Example: You go to the doctor and tell him you have a cough. "Oh", he says, "You need a cough suppressant" and prescribes the drug he's pushing today for that symptom. Does he not know the cough is your body's way of telling you it needs to expel an invasive or irritating substance? Why suppress the body's healthy reaction? Is this not stupid? He should really tell you, "Go home, keep coughing if you have to, and wait until it passes."

Example: You have fever, so you go to your doctor (why you would go is crazy too!). He finds no open wounds and figures you got a bacterial or viral infection. He checks your heart sounds with his stethoscope, and takes some blood for lab work. Useless procedures to be sure. Finally he gives you an aspirin-like drug to "lower your temperature" and an antibiotic (which is useless for a virus) to "fight infection".

But why?! The body developed fever because that is its own, best way to fight off disease! That's how God set up the system to work. For every 1 degree rise in temperature, the immune system (and the exchange system of substances) works 10% better! A rise in temperature reduces the spread of infection! Administering an antibiotic reduces the patient's chances of more quickly fighting off this same offending bacterium the next time it strikes; Worse, it also creates the opportunity for a resistant strain of this bacterium to develop. Antibiotics also increase the body's toxicity load. Fourth, they also destroy the good germs in the intestines that we need that synthesize for us vitamins B and K. Now I ask you - is the doctor stupid or what? He should have explained to you what might be going on and encourage you to eat nutritious food and then said, "Go home and don't worry, the body can deal with it".

Here's a good analogy that depicts today's medical viewpoint. Imagine you have garbage outside your house and rats there are darting about. You be the "doctor" to cure this problem; What would be your "treatment of choice"? If you intend on killing the rats as the cure, would you succeed? What good is it to go after the SYMPTOM when the SOURCE of the problem still draws rats?! And that's exactly how the American medical establishment tackles medical problems - by going after symptoms and ignoring the cause. In the case of this "rat disease", they would "treat" the problem by shooting the rats. However, not only will rats continue to come, but you've now also thrown into the already toxic load more toxicity; In this case, you've added bullet shells and dead rats that also have to now be cleaned up. Would it not have been wiser to simply clean up the mess and the symptom will have thereby cleared up on its own accord?

The trouble is manifold because patients themselves practically demand drugs. Why, were they to walk out of the doctor's office without a prescription in their hands, they'd probably be disappointed! They have been taught to accept the foolish outlook doctors promote. This despite the fact that patients are never cured for hypertension, diabetes, oseteoporosis, or, you name it. Antibiotics is the exception, if correctly applied, but the body could well have done that on its own, with proper diet and/or fasting (as the body's loss of appetite suggests). Patients are simply "treated" - but never cured, never rid of the pills they have to pop for the rest of their lives. That's medicine?! Doctors should be paid for PREVENTING disease, and if their patients come down sick - doctors should pay the bills!

Alas, the abuses of medicine are many, long-established, well-ingrained, from the education and licensing systems to insurance and hospital industries, well-greased by bribed politicians, well-publicized by controlled advertising revenue - so it's up to us to learn on our own. The internet today makes that possible, whereby we can seek information beyond the purview of nonsense conventional medicine advances. We have an open window today to truth and clarity. Will this window stay open for long? No doubt, here too they now seek how to close it off from the truth that will dam their rivers of profit.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Glib "Nutritious" Advertising to Fool People

A popular product promoted for its nutrition is "Ensure Powder". The manufacturer "formulates" similar nutrition products for babies and suckling infants too.

At the bottom of this post is this can's list of ingredients. Let's take a look at some.

The first three are all sugars. The federal rule is to list the ingredients sorted by weight in decreasing order. By breaking up the sugars into 3 types, it seems the sugar content thereby is reduced because each name is not immediately identified as a sugar by the often ignorant public. Still, here you have the top three ingredients being sugar. It may as well have been written as: "Sugar, Sugar, Sugar".

In other products that contain water they often pull the same trick. They manage to place water before the sugars - by separating the sugars into different types. But if you add all sugar weights together, sugar would easily take first place in the list of ingredients.

The fourth ingredient (really the second) is a fat. The next "nutritious" element is a sodium compound.

Soon after comes "Artificial flavor" - a laboratory chemical. Then come more sodium and sulfate products. There's even "Cupric Sulfate" among them; Last I checked, it's considered "too toxic for use"!

Of course, the best way to sell garbage is to have people praise it to the hilt, saying "how wonderful it is". Here, as an example, is this "review" by some lady when she fed this product to her grandchild:

Product Rating: *****
Pros: Greatly improves health
Cons: expensive
Bottom Line: It turned our little Kathie into a thriving ball of energy

Is it any wonder doctors live significantly shorter lives than the average lifespan!

Corn Syrup, Corn Maltodextrin, Sugar (Sucrose), Corn Oil, Sodium & Calcium Caseinates, Soy Protein Isolate, Artificial Flavor, Potassium Citrate, Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Chloride, Soy Lecithin, Ascorbic Acid, Choline Chloride, Zinc Sulfate, dl-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate, Niacinamide, Ferrous Sulfate, Calcium Pantothenate, Manganese Sulfate, Cupric Sulfate, Thiamine Chloride Hydrochloride, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Vitamin A Palmitate, Folic Acid, Biotin, Chromium Chloride, Sodium Molybdate, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Selenate, Phylloquinone, Cyanocobalamin, and Vitamin D3.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dementia - Living Proof it Exists

For those who haven't yet seen this, it's worth the 3 minutes.

Notice a few things: The woman may be pregnant, but what's certain is she has other children there with her when she exits the car. The Arab men know this too. And, note she has been treated for burns for 6 weeks in the hospital where she wants to commit the atrocity.
This is Arab, genetic dementia. What else can it be?

Golda Meir once keenly observed, about Arabs, "They hate Jews more than they love their children!"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dr. Burzynski - A David Against Goliath

See here how the USA continues to push toxic chemotherapy, rather than investigate, inspire, or test safer means of cancer treatment. Dr. Burzynski found that two sorts of antineoplastins cure cancer. You would think the medical establishment would jump for joy. Instead, they tried hard to ban him. Luckily, he, one of the very few who withstood the the establishment's attempt to suppress the methodology, finally managed to at least get approval for "experimentation" with his discovery. But this, only after the patient underwent at least one course of chemotherapy. It is amazing to see how cruel people can become when money is their reward.

This good doctor gets about 30% of malignant brain tumors cured. Other alternative therapies, such as that of Issel's or Gerson's, also claim significant cures. And so often they receive those "incurables" the conventional establishment finally abandons. If only we can overcome the horrible mafia in control for all the money that pours into research - were it to go to good research instead of just creating bogus research to provide for jobs for the cancer industry, how much better off we would be!

See this great film on Dr. Burzynski. It's eye-opening, to say the least! If you watch to the end, you will see just how crooked the USA government really is - in fact, after all the abuse they heap on him, they even tried to steal his invention!
Just LISTEN to what they say the conventional doctors wanted to "offer" children and babies with cancer, even when its prognosis was miserable!

Evil doers always resort to false words to promote their evil; Euphemisms and distortions. They allow Dr. Burzynski to "experiment", when , in fact, the mafia's "treatment" is - nothing but experimentation! It started after WWII, when they had a large reservoir of mustard-gas left over from their war stocks. They then gave patients some modification of this poison as "chemotherapy". Their miserable statistics that they hide from the public speak for themselves. They are quick to vilify good alternative therapists as "quacks", when they themselves - our very own governmental agents paid off by Big Pharma - much better qualify for this label.

Monday, July 18, 2011

"Successful" Cancer Surgery

Here's a 3-paragraph excerpt from Dr. Moser's book:

Whenever I think of surgery, my recollections always go to a man with cancer of the larynx. At that time the University of Alberta had the most respected surgeons and cancer specialists in the country. To treat cancer they invariably did surgery, plus radiation and chemotherapy to eradicate all traces of cancerous tissue in the body, but they seemed to forget there also was a human being residing in that very same cancerous body. This particularly unfortunate man came into our hospital as a whole human being, though sick with cancer. He could still speak, eat, swallow, and looked normal. But after surgery he had no larynx, nor esophagus, nor tongue, and no lower jaw.

The head surgeon, who, by the way, was considered to be a virtual god amongst gods, came back from the operating room smiling from ear to ear, announcing proudly that he had ‘got all the cancer’. But when I saw the result I thought he’d done a butcher’s job. The victim couldn’t speak at all, nor eat except through a tube, and he looked grotesque. Worst, he had lost all will to live. I thought the man would have been much better off to keep his body parts as long as he could, and die a whole person able to speak, eating if he felt like it, being with friends and family without inspiring a gasp of horror.

I was sure there must be better ways of dealing with degenerative conditions such as cancer, but I had no idea what they might be or how to find out. There was no literature on medical alternatives in the university library, and no one in the medical school ever hinted at the possibility except when the doctors took jabs at chiropractors. Since no one else viewed the situation as I did I started to think I might be in the wrong profession.

You can get this fine book for free by downloading it here.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quotes from Dr. Russel Thacker Trall

"Trall's talk is one of the first cogent, consistent statements of the hygienic viewpoint." ---Soil and Health Library

"Dr. Russell T. Trall, the eminent Natural Hygienist, considered smallpox "as essentially . . . not a dangerous disease." He cared for large numbers of patients afflicted with smallpox and never lost a case." - Dr Shelton DC

"I have myself, through Natural Hygiene, over 16 years, treated all forms and hundreds of cases of typhus and typhoid fevers, pneumonia's, measles and dysentery's, and have not lost a single patient. The same is true of scarlet and other fevers. No medicine whatever was given."
--Dr. Trall, 1862.

"These diseases (typhoid and pneumonia) are nothing more nor less than a cleansing process - a struggle of the vital powers to relieve the system of its accumulated impurities. The causes of the diseases are constipating foods, contaminated water, atmospheric miasmas, and whatever clogs up the system or befouls the blood. And the day is not far distant when a physician who shall undertake to aid and assist (suppress) Nature in her efforts to expel impurities, by the administration of poisons (drugs, medicines, shots, radiation, etc.) will be regarded as an insane idiot. But now this practice is called medical science."
--R.T. Trall M.D.

"The Drug Medical System cannot bear examination. To explain it would be to destroy it, and to defend it even is to damage it."
--R.T. Trall M.D.

"Last year a patient came to me with both arms paralyzed. Three months before he had, acute rheumatism--a disease I have treated scores of cases of, and never failed to cure within two weeks--for which his physician prescribed mercury, antimony, colchicum, and potassium hydroxide. The drugs had cured the rheumatism, but ruined the patient. And what do you suppose his physician proposed to "try" next? Why, strychnine, of course!"

"Four years ago, the young man--he was a youth then, and of excellent constitution--had lung fever. His physician reduced his fever and his vitality with powerful doses of antimony, and kept blisters on the chest continually. In two weeks he appeared to be convalescent, but soon relapsed, when calomel was given in large doses. And lingering several weeks, the disease was said to have run into the typhoid, for which more calomel was prescribed. The fever next assumed the intermittent form, attended with profuse sweating, for which iron and quinine were liberally administered. He was drugged continually for six months, when it was discovered that the liver and spleen were badly congested and enlarged, and he was put on a course of mercury in a new shape--blue-pill mass. After this the disease assumed many complications, as well it might, for which a promiscuous medley of medicaments were prescribed for two years longer, among which was hellebore, irritating plasters, several kinds of pills, and a variety of homeopathic pellets and placebos."

"Five years ago he had the ague, for which he took quinine in huge dozes. This treatment so paralyzed the functions of the liver that it became greatly congested and enlarged; for which mercury was prescribed. The mercury induced chronic inflammation of the duodenum--mercurial duodenitis --for which antimony and opium were administered. These drugs extended the inflammation to the kidneys, prostrated the external circulation, and torpified the action of the skin; for which more mercury, in the shape of blue-pill, with narcotics, was given. These remedies so exhausted the vital energies, that the next phase of disease was termed "nervous debility," and then strychnine was prescribed. After the nervous debility had been sufficiently cured with strychnine, the doctors diagnosed "spinal disease," and proceeded to blister and cauterize the back. Lastly, neuralgia "set in," and the doctors resorted to henbane."
--R.T. Trall M.D. (1862)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tylenol Recall

Johnson & Johnson announced another Tylenol recall due to a musty moldy odor linked to a trace chemical.
The whole story is here.

They would hardly care, however, if any or all those "trace chemicals" that end up in the body stink up inside there.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Dumbing Down of Americans

A grand, diabolical conspiracy in America has people drinking poisoned water, promoted by government. From the spigot of your kitchen sink, or the one from the bathroom, water we and our children use contains fluoride - a toxin. The rationale for spiking the public's drinking water is to help fight tooth decay. So why do we still have so many visits to the dentist? And since when would dentists, who earn much more than average citizens, seek to minimize their income?

Do you want government in charge of your own destiny? Would you trust it with your health? If fluoride were indeed healthy, why not just bottle it and sell "Fluoridated Water" at health-food stores, like they do vitamins or other nutrients? Why is this substance literally forced down our throats?

Which company sells to local governments this additive? How do they manufacture it? If it were Alcoa or Monsanto who make aluminum products and produce this additive as their waste product, I'd be very suspicious. How would they dispose of this poisonous waste product if they had no permission to dump it in the water storage facilities; Or how do they dispose of the fluoride in excess of the drinking-water needs?

How did fluoride get the okay to be dumped into our drinking water when other additives do not have this same privilege? How do they transport the fluoride to its destinations; In what containers; Do the containers carry the Toxic Substance label on them? How do they dump it into the water; Are there precautions taken by the handlers?

Answers to all these questions would be revealing.

Which seminal study discovered and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that fluoride is good for us? After all, fluoride rapidly emerged as the leading chemical health hazard of the U.S atomic bomb program, both for workers and for nearby communities, as documents reveal. What research study then prompted government with the go-ahead? Did they compare tooth decay using fluoridated versus distilled water?

Who, in fact, decided the masses need this product in their drinking water while other substances, such as iodine or vitamins, must be purchased or prescribed?

This demonic plot to dumb down and make ill the population is ongoing, deliberate and has nothing to do with health - but everything to do with money. The Environmental Protection Agency is more monster than protector. The pseudoscience that now wants to push the "global warming" hoax, has already plenty of experience, having plotted against and succeeded in duping the populace by spiking clean drinking water with a chemical toxin.

Fluoridation of the water began with the "Manhattan Project", the project responsible for developing the atomic bomb. Health problems developed in the community in the vicnity of this project, where fluoridation of the water and air caused sickness. The agencies that "investigated" these concerns of fluoridation denied the ill-effects of this substance. Otherwise - this all-important military project would have come to a screeching halt.

In other words, fluoridation already found its way into the drinking water in the nineteen-forties. From then on, it only remained to make sure the safety ruse be perpetuated.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

We Cannot Cure Cancer - BUT, the Body CAN!

Here's a 3-part interview with Howard Gerson, grandson of Dr. Max Gerson who discovered how to cure cancer and most other degenerative diseases.

Note that Max Gerson did not know how to cure cancer; He only knew how to give the body a chance so the body itself can cure the cancer, or most other degenarative disease.

Until today, most common folk still cannot see through the pervasive veil "conventional" medical doctrine deliberately throws up to prevent true knowledge from reaching the masses. Most patients who undertake the Gerson protocol do so only after having been written off as incurable by standard medical protocol. In fact, paradoxically, so well is this wellness path hidden in our controlled society, that only when the victims' last chance to get their lives handed back to them is, in fact, returned to them, does it then, and only then, register and finally makes sense to them, after they "miraculously" recover. In truth, this natural way to heal illness should have been the default path to first take, the very first strategy for action to consider.

Of course, the controlling forces will never allow for this methodolgy to plant a foot on its turf, let alone allow it to become prevasive, because next to this new way of cure, their "treatments" will never ever again be given credit, and that would turn off Big-Pharma's spigots of trillions in no time.
1) Part 1

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Secret of Exercise

Praise Hashem with All Your Soul (and Every Breath)
בראשית רבה יד, ט. על כל נשימה ונשימה שאדם נושם
צריך לקלס לבורא. מה טעם, כל הנשמה תהלל יה, כל נשימה ...

Maimonides writes that every morning one should rise early and exercise. How much exercise? Until the body begins to heat up.

Why early in the day? Probably because that's when it's best to do so; Perhaps because the muscles, which were totally relaxed all night, will thereby achieve proper tone for the rest of the day. Also, much of the blood can now stream to the musculature, because little remains in the now-empty, upper alimentary tract that would compete for the supply. (Which is why before the morning's food intake one should wait after the exercise until a state of rest is achieved, when blood can again be allocated to the alimentary tract, to take care of digestion).

Why until the body heats up, and not any more? Because, I believe, a heated state is harmful; Whereas an aerobic state - that maintains itself until that heated state is reached, is best, and here's why:

I think the key to exercise's efficiency is the deep breath! The deep breath serves to propel the lymphatic streams. Increased flow of lymph promotes:
1) Recirculation of protein that escaped from vascular capillaries;
2) Washing microbes away from tissue and into the lymph nodes where they can be neutralized;
3) A good "dry-state", where excess lymph within tissues is removed.
4) It also provides a generous dose of oxygen.

Exercise, by virtue of muscle contractions and stretches, press on the lymphatics and thus advance the stream along its one-way direction. While this is an important result, a much more significant propeller is the act of deep breathing. Under sedentary conditions, the shallow breath uses but a minor portion of the lung's capacity. The deep breath, on the other hand, mobilizes a larger than average capacity and this, in turn, draws a larger than average volume of blood into the lung parenchyma, which induces a larger than average lymphatic exudate.

This is the key point - the secret! For deep breathing does something that even general muscle movements cannot do, and that is, to rapidly advance the flow. At the peak of exhalation you create the greatest rush of lymph, and the deeper the breath at the peak of inhalation, the greater the rush will be.

"Deep diaphragmatic breathing stimulates the cleansing of the lymph system. Exhaling is more important than inhaling because when you exhale the vacuum produced in the lungs will exert a drawing force that pulls poisons from the blood into the lungs for elimination. This increases the rate of toxic elimination by as much as 15 times the normal rate" - Dr. J.W. Shields, MD, LYMPH, "Lymph Glands, and Homeostasis." Lymphology, v25, n4 Dec. 1992, p 147.

Mind you, I don't think Maimonides said, "Don't sweat". He said, "... until the body heats up." By this I think he means anaerobic exercise, which can induce pain, if not tissue damage.

It goes without saying deep breathing even without exercise also provides benefit.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Secret to Staying Healthy

Sometimes, the simplest truth is the hardest to take to heart.

If you don't have your health, you have nothing. Most youngsters have robust health because their livers are hardy detoxifiers. But this hardiness loses its stamina over the years. That's why older people often succumb to disease. Instead of energetically flushing out toxicity, older livers more easily become overwhelmed. Which is why most sick people are older people.

(The gemora [Bava M. 107b] suggests that all sickness relates to bile, or at least 83 illnesses can be attributed to the biliary system. And that, of course, means these are liver-related problems because the liver produces the bile.)

Suppose you eat "bad" food, but not so much of it. Now suppose you eat "good" food, but lots of it. You may wince with surprise to discover that a lot of good food is worse for your health than the slight bad food you might eat. How much worse off is one, therefore, who eats a lot of bad food.

And who today, when the foods we eat are so far removed from nature or from nutritional value, does not eat bad food?

The secret to good health, therefore, is to eat less to maintain good health, and the older we get, even less than before. Of course, it follows, the older we get, the more our intake must be nutritious. If salads were until now a side dish, they should become a main dish.

That's the simple truth, as based on the Code of Jewish Law (see previous post for source). If you practice it, you'll be blessed with health; If you don't - just yet, you'll understand why sometimes the simplest truth is the hardest to take to heart.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Diabolical Medical Coverup You SHOULD Know Of

You'll never ever see this astronomic catastrophe reported in your mainstream media, despite the availability of this report by simple download. See what the Chernobyl accident wrought and how the Japanese, post-tsunami breakdown of 6 nuclear reactors will far surpass that disaster - to grasp the horror of what to expect.
But take heart people, because the Era of Ultimate Redemption is dawning quickly!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Viktor Frankl & Sigmund Freud; The Loser Won

An unfortunate turn of events allowed Sigmund Freud to prevail in "psychoanalytic" circles. Freud basically viewed man as all-animalistic. He could not distinguish clearly the difference between man and animal. Yes, of course, man was "higher" than animal but only by implication he had higher functional faculties of thought and intelligence. But in essence he remained animalistic at the core.

Contrast that with the psychology of Victor Frankl who claimed that the basic motivation that drives man is meaningfulness in life, rather than mere lustful yearnings, as Freud would have you believe is the essence of man. While Frankl deems man with lofty intentions, Freud deems man as a clever dog, with no redeeming values.

Never mind that both these theorists did not pin down the actual spiritual components and differences that distinguish man and animal, as does Chassidus, especially that of the classical "Tanya" (by the first Lubavitcher Rebbe). And never mind that significant differences exist between Jew and Gentile regarding their atomic, spiritual components. But at least Frankl made well his case by raising mankind beyond the animalistic, by describing his essence as one that craves meaning in life.

There are practical implications in their differing views too. With regard to religion, for example, Freud would have you think of its practice as some sort of illness. Frankl, of course, would not.

Much like we regret the prevalence of Pasteur's theory of illness versus that of Beauchamp's throughout the last century to guide medical research, and therefore today's "mainstream" medicine stands bereft of cures for most, if not all, chronic degenerative disease, and why so little emphasis is given to the value of good food, so too psychiatry and psychology today suffer from the prevalence of Freudian perspective, when in fact his view relegates man and animal to the same qualitative scale, and therefore most of current psychology cannot formulate a means to self-actualize one's needs, at least to the extent that Frankl's perspective would have allowed.

(By the way, here's an revealing story related to Dr. Victor Frankl, one of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Conventional Medicine Rejects
the Main Cause of Disease

The last post spoke of "The Main Cause of Disease", as per our sages.

A major problem with "conventional" medical outlook today is, it looks at symptoms and "attacks" the symptoms as if symptoms were the disease - instead of determining the root of the problem.

If a person has a cancerous tumor, for example, which is a symptom, they seek to treat the tumor, as if the tumor itself were the disease, when in fact the tumor is not the real problem. The real problem is why the body became so toxic that it lost its ability to regenerate normal growth. Normally, the body, when relatively healthy, attacks and destroys wayward growth.

Perhaps a more common situation, more clearly explains the present rut. Suppose a person goes to the doctor suffering from a cold, with a congested nose. The doctor says, "Oh, you have nasal congestion, let me prescribe for you an anti-histamine." But dear reader, the congestion is a symptom, not the problem. The body, in trying to excrete waste products or toxic substances, sometimes tryies to remove these through the mucous membranes. That's why it's congested. So if congestion is the body's way of taking care of itself, why then should we interfere with this symptomatic healing process? It's best to leave it alone. Certainly not to consider it an ailment that needs treatment.

Similarly, if someone has a cough. That's the body's way of trying to eject an offensive irritant. Should we then take cough syrup to cover up this symptom, or should we try and help the body remove the irritant? But today's doctors look at coughs, congestion - or tumors, as if these symptoms are the problem - when in fact they are only reactions to the real problem. Today's conventional medicine has it all backwards. Which is, by the way, why most tumors regrow despite prior conventional therapy (especially if the patient sticks with his original, poor diet).

Imagine you have outside your house a rat problem. What would you do? You can go outside and put down traps or take a pellet gun and shoot them. Will that solve your problem? Of course not! You can keep shooting them, but they'll keep showing up, despite their losses. Why? Because you haven't corrected the root of the problem; You haven't cleaned up the garbage they come to rummage in! But were you to clean up the mess outside the house, you'll not see rats anymore.

This is how "modern, conventional" medicine tackles disease today. They look for symptoms and "shoot at them", instead of seeking the root of the problem. If a patient has high blood pressure, they give drugs to lower the pressure. If the patient develops high blood sugar, they prescribe insulin. If the patient develops arthritis, they offer pain killers. Then if patients show blockage of their cardiac arteries, they quickly jump to perform surgical bypass.

People fall for this approach without realizing that - that which created the hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and atherosclerosis - still remains in the body, and still causes problems. The patient, internally, with the additional toxicity of the medicines, is only getting worse, not better. (Assuming the patient remains on the bad diet that brought him to his sorry state in the first place.)

Never once, during all these doctor visits of our hypothetical patient, did the doctor seek to determine what brought on the disease. Never once did the doctor ask his patient what he eats. Never did the doctor, in fact, make the connection of the disease with what the person eats because, according to his mindset, nutrition has nothing to do with disease.

I can show you many letters from doctors who wrote me in response to a question of mine regarding nutritional therapy, saying nutrition has nothing to do with sickness. Well if not, what then causes most disease? Most of these doctors really don't know. They "know" nutrition has nothing to do with disease, that they "know". But what, in fact, causes disease - this they admit they don't know. Frankly it's to be expected because in all their years at medical school, doctors never once took (or can take - because it's not offered) a basic course in nutrition. They are too proud, so they scoff at news of alternative therapies that actually work. That's why you have the following absurd situation: When a patient develops cancer, for example, they prescribe chemotherapy, and then, during the treatment period, they tell their patients they can continue eating what they've been eating until now.

Recently I saw a cancer patient in his house, a few weeks before he passed away, drinking black coffee while conversing with a friend. At the time he could barely walk a straight line, was pale, weak and sickly. Another member of the community, with "multiple sclerosis", claims to be treated by the "best doctors" in the "very best hospital" (maybe he meant ornate), taking an injection (of a "special medicine") every day for the past 3 or 4 years. What's the outcome of this "great treatment"? The results are open for all to see: This poor guinea pig went from walking with a tingle in his leg, to an unsteady gait, to walking with crutches, then with a wheeled walker, and now you barely see him because he probably can hardly get up. Had he taken no medicine at all, he'd have been better off for sure.

The problem is - people still cannot make the logical connection between disease and food intake; They do not yet realize their chronic degenerative disease directly relates to what they put into their body. It's so simple, yet so elusive. Why? Because our medical establishment steered this culture and conspired against it in the last 100 years to break that natural, logical connection.

Is it any wonder doctors' offices and pharmacies are constantly flooded with clientele? Is it any wonder cancer and other degenerative diseases are on the rise? Is it any wonder no cures yet exist for these, only "treatments" that last a lifetime? Is it any wonder more jobs are filled doing cancer "research" than there are cancer patients? Is it any wonder those who discover or provide curative therapies are legislatively hounded and forced out of practice, or out of the country? Is it any wonder government colludes with these big money-makers who lavish heavy bribes? Is it any wonder "charities" keep raking in billions for cancer, yet kindheartedness to people goes unheeded? Is it any wonder anything other than poisoning (=chemotherapy), burning (=radiation) and mutilation (=surgery) is illegal therapy against cancer in the USA today?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Main Cause of Disease

What is the number one cause of ill health in man?

The answer, from The Code of Jewish Law (chpt 32, law 3), may surprise you: "Most disease suffered by man comes from, and from none other than, bad foods, or from filling his belly even with good foods." Note the strong tenor of the assertion. The basis for this ruling comes from Maimonides who stated (De'ot 4, 15), "Most illnesses that afflict man are caused by harmful foods or by overeating, even of healthful foods."

In other words, illness comes from what a person puts into his mouth.

As simple as this sounds, if you think Western culture believes it, think again:

Most people, including most doctors, believe germs cause sickness. This is in direct contradiction to what the Code of Jewish Law asserts, namely that food is the main problem, yet medicine prefers germ theory. This has exceptionally significant ramifications, for if intake of food is the real problem, it follows that a proper dietary regimen could cure or reverse the problem, whereas the germ theory of disease suggests an entirely different approach, in fact one that leaves the bad food habits in place!

In fact, medicine today totally denies the Jewish Law or its implications regarding the healing of illness or seeking cures.

People who are sick, who then visit a doctor who prescribes a pill or a shot, who then put that medicine into their bodies - do so without realizing this "food" they take into them is unnatural and cannot be considered "good", yet the doctor pushes the drug, or the patient swallows the pill, without thinking twice. Depending on the diagnosis, this "treatment" could be an occasional one, or, with degenerative disease, more likely a lifelong "diet".

For the last 100 years, or so, conventional medicine rejected the wisdom of Maimonides. There were doctors in America before that who, in fact, did follow the wisdom of Maimonides, even if they never knew of this sage. To their credit, they derived the knowledge on their own.

Dr. J.H. Tilden, a doctor who practiced medicine for more than 70 years, and lived until the age of 91, wrote in 1921, "The commonest cause of disease is, first, last, and all the time, overindulgence of appetites and passions". Notice how forcefully he states what the Jewish Code of Law also emphatically asserts.

In the late 1800's Louis Pasteur promoted the germ theory of disease. In contrast, Antoine Beauchamp, his contemporary, said, "The primary cause of disease is in us, always in us". In other words, the primary problem was the milieu, the biological terrain. That germs take advantage of this situation is a secondary aspect of the disease.

Whatever the historical reasons, Pasteur's viewpoint overshadowed Beauchamp's and became the holy grail of medical perspective in the West. It prevails until today. Medical education never even broaches a view other than what the establishment prescribes. In fact, the medical curriculum in a U.S. medical school never includes a course in nutrition! Moreover, any attempt to move away from the prevalent viewpoin, to provide therapy based on other premises, immediately draws intense retribution by the powers that be, thus discouraging "unconventional" or alternative medical practice.

Contrast the approach of today's doctor with that of Dr. Tilden, who says:
"As a refutation of the necessity for all the so-called remedies carried into the sick-room - surgery, drugs, prescriptions, vaccination, serum injections; faith, suggestion, and mind cures; the laying on of hands, and every other device known and used as remedial - I offer my simple methods; namely, that of taking nothing into the sick-room, and of doing nothing that can be likened to the modern conception of healing. My methods are devoid of any suggestion of mysticism or supernaturalism, and are not above the understanding of the most commonplace mind, unless its simplicity appears uncanny to distorted understandings.

"I go into the sick-room without a so-called remedy, and, what is best of all, without the need of one. There is no faith cure offered; there is no hocuspocus, legerdemain, nor play on the superstition or credulity of the patient. There is nothing resorted to which may give the impression that unusual or supernatural power is to be used.

"After getting the history of the case, I explain how the patient happened to get sick, how his life differs from nature's requirements, and how he may get well. No drugs, no manipulations - nothing but keep still and don't build disease by foolish acts of mind or body!

"When cause is known, the remedy will be self-suggested to the most commonplace mind. This being as fundamental as truth always is … ."
[From his book: Impaired Health: Its Cause and Cure.]

As I said, Dr. Tilden arrived at his understanding of medical disease from pure, rational thought. Let's listen in on some of his wisdom:

"There is no question about the necessary and beneficial action of the bacteria that are in us and about us all the time. The germs that infest our bodies, our food, our atmosphere, our soil, are necessary to our existence. If they were not, they would not be there. Nature never stultifies herself; there is a reason for everything, and that reason is backed by the logic of the Absolute.

"The weakest point in modern medical science is its teachings on bacteriology. It teaches that germs cause disease. If that could be proved, it would establish demonology
[as if Hashem acts as a demon], and chaos would reign supreme."

Why germs are necessary we can answer another time. But for now, it should be apparent that germ theory of disease survives not because it's the correct view, but in spite of it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nutrition for Health

Every so often a book I read takes the wind out of me. I prefer old medical books, mostly, when the doctor was closer to Nature and further from the Artificiality that medicine offers in today's age. Why, today, if you could manage to eat food that is healthy for you, you'd know it's an absolute chore to accomplish. What with even good, non-processed food such as vegetables and fruit having in them pesticides and herbicides, let alone their deficiency in balanced mineral content because of chemical fertilizers, it's a wonder we don't drop from allergies and chronic problems by the young age of 50.

One book that radically changed my perspective on medical therapy was Dr. Max Gerson's book, "A Cancer Therapy". That book held a special place in my library for a long time, and still does. Dr. Gerson's methodology of hyperalimentation and detoxification, where with the former he brilliantly deduces the best way to juice the produce, and where with the latter he brilliantly finesses the science of eliminating the body's toxicity, all fit in with the intuitive intelligence of a believer in G-d who provides us with a body that can cure itself, if only given the right circumstances to re-establish the links He gave us to Nature, which, out of His benevolence, can cure itself.

Anyhow, another such great book I just came across. It's a "simply written" book by a Dr. Alice Chase, first published in 1954. It's a bombshell. She is a drug nihilist and proud of it. She uses food as medicine. She invokes fasting and light diets mostly, as well as enemas (not coffee enemas) to cure chronic debilitating diseases that conventional medicine cannot cure. She was mentored by Dr. J.H. Tilden, whom she admired, who practiced natural therapeutic medicine in the late 80's and early 90's. He too bucked the trend of taking the drug-oriented approach to maladies. (I'll now want to devote much time to his writings as well.) Her book divulges all that she carefully applied over her 30-year practice. She was a phenomenal success.

In it she shows the very same reasults achieved by Dr. Gerson and, in fact, predates the latter, as did Dr. Tilden. These doctors, like Gerson, understood that the body has the intrinsic capacity to regenerate and heal itself, if only given the chance to do so. Apparently Gerson never knew of Tilden because his book makes no reference to this doctor. I'm still in the middle of the book, but couldn't wait to tell you about it. I want to read it slowly, chew on it and devour it. Thank you Alice Chase for having shared with us your wisdom.

P.S. A quick internet search reveals these powerful statements said by her mentor, Dr. John Tilden (1851-1940), the truth of which would have allopathic doctors today reeling (I'll bet this man was hounded for his beliefs and practices):

- "You cannot have a very severe round of typhoid fever unless you have a "first-class" physician to give it strength to down you .... I have not lost a case in 15 years (including typhoid and pneumonia), and I have treated hundreds. Fatality is attributable to the medication."

- "There is no question but that perfect sanitation has almost obliterated this disease [smallpox], and sooner or later will dispose of it entirely. Of course, when that time comes, in all probability the credit will be given to vaccination."

- "Smallpox is considered one of the most virulent of contagious diseases, and it is generally believed that persons exposed are almost invariably attacked, unless protected by vaccination. This is one of the most stupendous exaggerations to be found in medical literature. My experience has been that very few people take it when exposed to it."

See also this post on Dr. Tilden.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pathology - and its relation to Breast Cancer, for example

Someone, on her blog, posted an article on Breast Cancer and some things that can be taken for it, such as vitamin D or something. This is how I commented on the article:
The way you word your post, reflects, if I may feel free to say, a wrong perspective on the targeted disease. You see, by thinking that cancer of the X needs therapy X, and cancer of the Y needs therapy Y, etc., means that you see ALL the cancers as DISTINCT entities, each with their OWN, UNIQUE ETIOLOGY. This is a mistake. ALL cancers are really ONE problem - and that is that the body has been accumulating toxins for so long that , finally, the "weakest link in the chain", finally snaps. No body is like another, and so the most vulnerable organ or tissue can vary, given the onslaught of toxicity.

By viewing each cancer as its own unique illness - you are playing into the hands of Organized, "Conventional", "Standard Practice", "NON-QUACK" medicine. Because this is exactly what they want you to believe, and have programmed people AND DOCTORS (from medical school on) to believe.

And, by the way, that's why the "TREATMENTS" used by conventional medicine just don't work. For example, one of the jobs a pathologist must do is determine whether or not the surgical specimen he was handed, e.g., a surgically removed breast, has been cleanly removed, in its entirety. That is, he must ascertain that all the EDGES of the tissue removed show NO CANCER CELLS at these peripheries.

That is, the supposition is - that if the removed breast tissue shows no cancerous cells at the edges of its borders, then the ENTIRE cancer mass can be presumed to have been removed, without any residual cells left over in non-resected tissue to spawn any new cancerous growth.

Well, you tell me. Do you really believe this theory of resection of the entire mass, with NO residual cancerous cells left over in the "good", remaining tissue - is a successful strategy? Have you not heard of the millions and millions that continue to get cancer again, and again, DESPITE MASSIVE RESECTIONS and MUTILATIONS of womens' bodies? You tell me - is their theory worth anything?

NO and NO! You know why? Because cancer is a generalized disease of the body that derived from incorrect food intake, for the most part.

So, do they continue to do mastectomies? Of course. It's big money. Surgery is one of the standard 3 "conventional", and federally approved (by those on the take) means to "TREAT" cancer. The other two worthless methods are burning by radiation and poisoning by chemotherapy.

People have to start understanding this if we are going to change our medical system once and for all.

Another Good Alternative to "Conventional" Cancer "Treatment"

"Cheap, Safe Drug Kills Most Cancers" - Now I ask you, if this title, that represents fact, were to be publicized for DCA (dichloroacetate), what chance do you think the good doctor behind this wonderful research (Dr. Evangelos Michelakis) will have to bring his life's work to fruition, given Big-Pharma's huge potential financial loss as a result? I'm sure they have their big guns standing ready to blast this Canadian and his research out of the water.

Conventional medicine's "treatments" for cancer, hypertension, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, adult-onset diabetes - in fact, all chronic degenerative diseases - are just that, "treatments". They never have a CURE for these! Nor would they allow it! When's the last time you heard someone had high blood pressure, arthritis or Alzheimer's reversed? Healing these diseases would mean dealing with the them in ways other than PUSHING PILLS for the life of the patient. Today's doctors (many, unwittingly) are mostly drug pushers for the big-pharma interests. The whole system, its schools, its governmental agencies, the hospitals, insurance companies, the charities, the positions available, licensing, as well as companies involved in pesticides, flouride disposal, genetic engineering of seeds, dental amalgam with mercury, vaccines with mercury ... - all of this is tightly controlled by higher echelon interests who care nothing at all for people's illnesses, but care only to dumb down people and bleed them dry of their money. Did you know - nutrition is never taught in medical school? When's the last time you went to a doctor who asked you, "What did you eat"? (Did you know the Jewish Code of Law states that the number one cause of most illnesses is - what you put into your mouth! [chpt 32]) Did you know - there'a a law on the books that pesticides cannot be removed from the market, even if found to be cancer-causing, unless the EPA pays the manufacturers for all the stuff they still hold in inventory, which is twice as much as the EPA's budget? This corruption is so pervasive, yet people, many highly intelligent, simply won't believe it. They don't yet get that 95% of what the supermarket sells is toxic, even basic products like vegetables and eggs, with pesticides, herbicides and hormones; That their water and toothpastes have fluoride, which is a poison. (If fluoride were so good for us, then let us take fluoride supplements - as WE feel we'd want to - not as they force us to.) People are still naive, thinking it's a benevolent establishment. Little do they know the good stuff is discouraged, suppressed and outlawed.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anti-Neoplastins; Another Cancer Cure
- that Threatens the Medical Mafia

Watch both movie TRAILERS on this page regarding Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, to get a vivid idea, how, yet again, the racketeering American Medical Industry, together with their heavy-handed federal conspirators, tried to suppress and ban this good doctor's efforts to help mankind.

UPDATE: Great movie of him here.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Remarkable Way to Heal Cancer -

Dr. Samir Chachoua, an Australian doctor, came up with a fabulous way to fight cancer. But because his way would diminish the flood of money made by pharmaceuticals and hospitals, guess what happened. Here's the good man's story:

Monday, January 3, 2011

As Usual - Corruption in Medicinal Policy

Judges Invested in Health Care

by Brendan L. Smith

Three U.S. District judges presiding over legal challenges to the landmark federal health care law have held financial investments in the health care industry, which has a lot riding on the outcome of the cases, according to a Center for Public Integrity review of their latest available financial disclosure forms. The investments include individual stocks and mutual funds with holdings in private health insurance companies, companies selling health-care products, or pharmaceutical firms, according to the forms the judges filed in 2009 and 2010.

Judicial ethics experts disagree about the significance of the judges’ investments.

As the lawsuits crawl through the judicial system, the first ruling against the health-care reform law came Dec. 13 by U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson of the Eastern District of Virginia, who ruled that the individual mandate requiring people to buy some form of insurance invited an “unbridled exercise of the federal police powers.”

The Huffington Post reported in 2010 that Hudson in 2008 earned between $5,000 and $15,000 in dividends from Campaign Solutions, a political communications firm that did work for health care reform opponents, including Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Hudson earned the same amount in 2009, according to his most recent financial disclosure form.

Read the rest here.