Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mind a Knowledgeable Opinion on Vaccines

Found this:

I am in receipt of a letter concerning public action on vaccines.

The letter points out the manner in which unelected officials in government bureaucracies begin to rob the citizen of his fundamental rights and freedoms. It should be immediately recognized as such.

Those people attempting to force ANY type of compulsory or mandatory medical technique of ANY type other than quarantine for a short period of time [a necessity unlikely ever to occur] i.e., CDC, NIH, etc should be recognized as criminals and treated as such. They are violating the constitutionally guaranteed rights of citizens and are in violation of the principles laid down at Nuremberg over fifty years ago.

We must stop indulging in polite conversations with these people, they are NOT scientists, they are on the public dole and they are robbing us of our tax monies to support their nefarious roles in government, to wit, to support organized medicine and the pharmaceutical interests.

There is no such thing as a safe vaccine. The fact that this is so easily established from the historical record magnifies the terrible force with which we must reckon.

No vaccine ever prevented, ameliorated or cured any disease as the record, when properly interpreted or re-interpreted proves.

Every vaccine is a form of Russian Roulette and vaccination must be placed in the closet of medical quackery along with the rest of the drug driven nonsense of the 20th century.

Until reasonable men come to this conclusion the vaccine makers and drug makers will continue to hold sway.

They are NOT scientists, they are QUACKS. The real problem is that when someone, such as I, stands up and identifies them as such, I [WE] are considered the quacks. That exemplifies how far down the road we are and how difficult it is going to be finally extricate them.

You must ask yourself, wherein lies the quackery of the ESTABLISHMENT today? Keeping in mind that EVERY age has its own peculiar form of ESTABLISHMENT quackery and that this age is NO exception to THAT rule.

I have studied the vaccine situation since first vaccinated at my induction into the military in 1947. I spent the next 21 years avoiding my next vaccination and I very carefully investigated the effects of vaccination. I can tell you that it is the worst horror story imaginable and none, not even the anti-vaccinationists have the slightest clue as to exactly how horrible that story is.

Daniel H Duffy Sr DC
Small town family doctor, 30 years.
Retired Air Force Officer 21 years.

======== Establishment Vaccine Propaganda =============

Elsewhere, Dr. Daniel H. Duffy, Sr., from Geneva, Ohio, wrote:

I have been a small town family doctor for over thirty years. Prior to that, for about quarter century, I traveled the world over while always avoiding any type of vaccination. Unlike the author, I read the real history of vaccination as well as the establishment propaganda version. I began to do that after being vaccinated upon entry into military service and suffering terribly from that series of several shots that recruits received all at once. My subsequent investigation revealed that the meningitis suffered mainly on military installations back in the '40s and 50s was suffered only by freshly vaccinated recruits and never by the mess sargeant, the drill sargeant, the Captain or the little girls in the service club with whom we played kissy face - only the freshly vaccinated recruits "caught" the meningitis - that aroused in me a great curiosity - it made of me, an observer and an investigator - I've been watching the vaccination scene ever since [1947]. Your article stated: "The activities of today's propagandists against immunisations are directly descended from, indeed little changed from, those of the anti- vaccinationists of the late nineteenth century"

History demonstrates that, in fact, the propaganda stems from your side of the debate rather than from that of the antivaccinationists. Has Robert never investigated the history of vaccines? All of the major "epidemic" diseases were just about on their way out long before any serious vaccinations took place and even then the percentages of those vaccinated were miniscule. Allow me to let you in on just a few of the hundreds of historical facts that the parrot of the establishment viewpoint will never run across: 1. During the early polio epidemics, just before the first vaccine was used, doctors were ordered not to report polio cases until thirty days after symptom onset. Guess what that did to the numbers? 2. At about the same time, Benjamin Sandler MD demonstrated conclusively that diets high in the sugar foods commonly consumed in the post war boom actually predisposed to polio especially during the summer months. Authorities in his small town shut down the sale of junk foods and the polio rate immediately dropped to zero in his town. 3. Sandler published his no sugar, essentially high protein, low carbohydrate diet in every major newspaper in the country - did anyone ever factor that effect into the equation along with the alleged effect of the vaccines? 4. Sandler then demonstrated that only by dumping the blood sugar of lab animals via the use of insulin could he prompt them to demonstrate polio- like symptoms. A small book was published on his studies. 5. Did you know that there are about 2000 names for polio in the medical language? 6. Did you know that the favorite name for polio is now aseptic meningitis? Did you know that the name was changed back in the good old days as another ruse to make it look like vaccines were reducing polio? 7. Did you know that VIOXX causes polio? That is if you want to call it by its old name. The PDR lists it as aseptic meningitis. My guess is that the one or two school kids recently diagnosed with meningitis here in Ohio were never checked for drug effects. For the reader's information, all of the old "epidemics" were caused by malthusian-predicted societal outgrowths of food supplies with its subsequent malnutrition. The rats and fleas and bugs are still with us but the "epidemics" are all gone. Robert has been hoodwinked by the germ theory of disease [upon which a criminal industry depends] he joins the ranks of other historical victims of authoritarian propaganda based upon belief systems such as Ptolemy's flat-earth-centered universe. The germ theory of disease is such an incredibly stupid notion! It's like saying that flies cause manure piles and firemen cause fires. Doesn't anyone ever wonder why the doctors never "catch" all this stuff? In over thirty years of clinical practice I have never seen an infectious hepatitis "caught" by another member of a household and believe me when I say I really looked high and low for one of those. If I found one I would look for a source of the poisoning, not for a germ or a virus. The authors are victims of the germ theory propaganda that has about 85% of the world's "educated" population under its control.