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The Poisoned Needle

A recent, new vaccine, Gardasil, against the papillomavirus, the supposed culprit in vaginal and cervical cancer, our benevolent FDA approved for females from 9 to 26 years old. Given to males between 9 and 26 it's supposed to prevent genital warts.

(By eating healthy foods and avoiding promiscuity, people would be much better off.)

As of today it's already tied to 16 or more deaths. Report here.

UPDATE (1/20/11) HPV Vaccines with False Advertising. Here.

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Fighting the Medical Mafia - A 1951 Letter

I took the trouble to type up this Letter to Collier's Weekly by Dr. Royal Lee, in defense of Dr. Frederick Koch, written back in 1951, (image here) so you can sense what was going on already then, just as it is going on today, with the wrong people at the helm of our medical system. Were it not for good and brave people such as Dr. Lee, there'd be little hope for mankind.

Notice his disdain for Morris Fishbein - a man who destroyed many great careers (e.g., Royal Rife, Harry Hoxsey, Max Gerson).
Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research
May 21, 1951

Collier's Weekly
640 Fifth Avenue
New York 19, New York


We are wondering what influence is responsible for the article on cancer quacks you published this week.

It has all the earmarks of criminal libel because you state only such facts as serve to distort the picture and smear the people involved. Here are a few things you omitted to say:

1. Dr. Frederick Koch successfully defended himself against a Federal Trade Commission complaint after six months of testimony by doctors and their patients who had used his product. The FTC dismissed the complaint, completely exonerating Dr. Koch thereby if my understanding of FTC Procedures is correct. This is about as much of a victory for Dr. Koch as if was acquitted in Soviet Russia of making disparaging remarks about Stalin, for the FTC by law needs no preponderance of evidence to convict anybody. They only need SOME evidence. My opinion is that the testimony of Dr. Koch's witnesses was so dramatically convincing that the FTC decided to dismiss the case as the only way to keep the recorded transcript from becoming public property. In such an eventuality the record is impounded and cannot be published. (The secret proceedings of out totalitarian despots in Washington). (When the leading toxicologists of this country were quoted in a similar FTC case to the effect that aluminum salts were poisonous and for the same reason that lead salts are poisonous, that they can use nerve cell degeneration, particularly of the lower cranial nerves, spinal cord and brain medulla, can cause constipation, loss of weight, anesthesia of the mouth, lessened sensation all over the body, fatty degeneration of the kidney and liver, albuminuria, paralysis of the central nervous system, -- (Docket 540 FTC) a similar dismissal occurred, and the public to this day cannot get access to this damning evidence of the dangers of aluminum contamination of foods. rather, the FTC goes out of its way to issue orders to lecturers on hygiene to desist from making any comment on the possible toxicity of aluminum. So de we have free speech? Do the public deserve to hear BOTH sides of controversial questions of life and death? Or do they NOT? Certainly not, when a disinterested party can be fined ten thousand ollars for telling the truth. If Collier's wants to get a REAL story of quacks in Government pay, quacks who are obviously protecting somebody's business interests at the expense of human life and health, why not write up this story? We have bulging files of incontrovertible evidence, evidence that has been suppressed by our U.S. Gestapo for years.)

2. When a man has been acquitted by a jury and in addition the FTC has dismissed a similar case after a six-months hearing of evidence, what kind of reporting is it to still claim him guilty without making an honest effort to report both sides of the case? Does it not convict YOU of the SAME kind of quackery you are proposing to condemn? It does unless I have lost my mind. It is exactly the kind of railroading of prejudged victims that cause the poor devils in Russia to lose their minds.

3. Do you know that Dr. William J. Hale, director of organic research of Dow Chemical Company, an internationally known authority on organic Chemistry, endorses Dr. Koch and his treatment? You might refresh your minds by reading what Dr. Hale says of Dr. Koch's Glyoxylide in his book "Farmers Victorious" page 158-162. (Coward-McCann, 1949).

4. You make much of the fact that many persons still died of cancer after receiving Dr. Koch's treatment. Is it fair to do this without making some effort to find out what the percentage of recoveries are among the total treated, instead of inferring that there are NO recoveries? Qualified physicians who are experienced in the use of the Koch treatment tell me that if they can control the iet of the patient and see that he gets proper care they get remission of all symptoms in 75% of the cases of cancer. They blame their failures on previous exposure of the patient to such real quackery as X-ray burning, ill-advised surgery, and failure to get the patient off carcinogenic foods soon enough. Why not make more the the incontrovertible fact that cancer only exists among races who eat white flour, refined sugar, synthetic glucose and all the candy, soft drinks and ices that carry these concoctions? Certainly, advertising these facts is tough on many advertisers in your journal. But, the use of these counterfeit foods is tough not only on the human race but is also tough on a lot of good friends of mine.

5. Was it a deliberate smear attempt to say that most of Dr. Koch's doctor customers were not blessed with medical degrees? Certainly, it is also fair to tell that the animosity against Dr. Kock is so great in the political circles that manage Organize Medicine that any physician who uses the Koch treatment has his malpractice insurance revoked, despite the fact that glyoxylide is supposed to be as harmless as distilled water?

If these doctors are licensed to practice, to use such treatments as this, why infer that there is anything irregular about it? It is common to sneer at other than medical doctors as followers of "cults". The worst cult in my mind is the poison cult, the use of poisons where foods, enzymes, hormones or trace minerals are the physiological remedy required. The next most heinous cultists is the razor-happy follower of the surgical cult, who has a trick remedy for every disorder and whose victims leave behind them a trail of spare parts until they are unable to proceed further. Just as an example, read this month's "Reader's Digest" (May 1951) page 20 - tonsil removal is now officially considered a barbarous practice, as bad as chopping out ovaries or blood-letting.

You probably are not aware that the same squeeze is put on every cancer specialist who tells his patients that they had better change their eating habits if they desire to avoid a recurrence after an operation for the removal of the malignant growth. I can list several internationally known cancer surgeons who were professionally destroyed for this heinous offense, according to all the evidence available. One of Canada's leading heart specialists is right now being given this treatment for daring to use the wheat vitamin (E) to cure patients dying of heart disease. This despite the unquestioned fact that half of a group of cattle dropped dead within 3 years after being put on a diet as devoid of that vitamin as commercial cereal products, bread, and etc. Despite the fact that some forms of that vitamin relieve angina pectoris pains in a few minutes. Despite the fact that any cardiographic recording shows phenomenal benefits in a few minutes after ingesting the wheat germ vitamins. Despite the fact that the phony synthetic vitamins used to "enrich" bread have the opposite effet when checked by a cardiograph, (or by observing the survival period of test animals on such "food").

6. Did you know that Dr. Morris Fishbein in 1925 proposed and apparently consummated a deal with the organized baking and milling industry to propagandize the doctors and general public against the growing impression that white bread was unfit for food, putting himself in the saddle as the mouthpiece and chief hangman of the racket? If you want a photostatic copy of this blood-curdling document as engrossed by Fishbein's stooge, Dr. Cramp, just ask me for it.

7. Did you know that this stinker, Fishbein, though supposedly "sent to the sticks", is still in a position to carry on his function of keeping an iron curtain around the medical profession, barring all knowledge he might feel is bad for his partners in crime, the job being editor-in-chief of the INDEX MEDICUS, so that if an article happens to get by the editorial screen of the hundreds of medical journals, he can, if he desires, to index it or fail to index it, to keep it dark? I can also give you a list of cheap, but effective remedies that can be gotten in every drug store at a few cents an ounce that he fails deliberately to recognize at any time. (Possibly because it might hurt the sale of five dollar shots of wonder drugs and vitamins of synthetic source? -- One is hydrochloric acid therapy, a penny is all it costs to give an injection of this remedy and there are reams of references where it has been shown to do what Cortisone is now being sold for -- but if you want a list of them you must go to the index of medical literature prepared for the Army and Navy by the Surgeon General's office at Washington -- evidently they do not trust Fishbein).

8. At this point why not renew your study of the definition of QUACK? Do you not feel proud of your own gullibility? You might also read your article in that same issue of Collier's about Karl Gruber who put the welfare of his people above political expediency -- Where are YOUR guts and conscience?

9. Why did you attack Philip Drosnes And Lillian Lazenby without any attempt to get the facts? Do you NOT know that of the hundreds of patients treated FREE (during the time that DRosnes and Lazenby operated that clinic not one cent was accepted for the medication)? EVERYONE was require to bring a certified report proving that they were victims of incurable cancer. (This was done to forestall the common dodge of official quacks to claim that when there is a remission of symptoms the patient had been improperly diagnosed and never could have had cancer).

10. Did you know that the expense of this free clinic was borne by a Catholic congregation who raised the cash every month to pay the rent and other expenses of the Clinic, while Drosnes and Mrs. Lazenby donated their time and supported themselves on their own resources meanwhile?

11. Since their product was made by inoculating whole wheat flour with a specially made culture of fungus, from which the extract was isolated, if any contamination of insect fragments existed, it must have been in the wheat. They had no desire to be secretive about their product. They freely gave samples of the crude culture of fungus in the wheat meal, as well as of the finished extract. You an find just as disgusting stuff in most whole wheat products if you want to look for it, just as ordinary "pasteurized" milk is rotten with thirty million or so bacteria of highly assorted pedigrees. (Per cubic centimeter). (If the farmer took the trouble to properly wash the muck off the cow before applying the milking machine it will drop to 200 per cc. That is what I found out at a country school recently, where the pupils milked cows themselves, knowing that the milk was to be put on their own table.) Your report was one of a number made by organizations affiliated with Fishbein's racket, after samples had been requested from the Drosnes-Lazenby Clinic. At that time these people felt that the requests were honest efforts to find the truth.

Furthermore, these smear artists of organized medical racketry and their partners in crime in the Federal Food and Drug Gestapo never seem to hesitate about misrepresenting the facts to railroad their victims. They will swear in trying to justify a criminal charge for which there is no actual basis, that a vitamin deficiency is incapable of causing disease, incapable of causing a perceptible symptom of disorder, by saying that it "cannot cause a functional disturbance."

They will use a transcript of testimony in an appealed case that was so altered by juggling words that the appeal judges can be made to believe that the original witness said the opposite of what he really did, and thereby deprive their victim of a fair judicial review.

They will visit the patients of a doctor who uses products they are gunning for and viciously slander the doctor by calling him a quack for using the product in question, all before any court has had the opportunity to pass on the merits of the dispute.

They will make seizures in as many places as possible for foods or drugs they do not like in the deliberate effort to destroy the business of a defendant without offering him an opportunity to be heard in court. All these crooked and vicious practices are in the main brought to bear against special food products designed TO SAVE THE LIVES OF PATIENTS WHO HAVE BEEN VICTIMIZED BY INADVERTENT USE OF BLEACHED FLOUR, REFINED SUGAR, SYNTHETIC GLUCOSE, IMITATION BUTTER AND OTHER COUNTERFEIT FOODS SOLD UNDER FALSE PRETENSES THAT THEY CAN SUPPORT LIFE. Just WHO is behind this horrible conspiracy? WHY DOES COLLIER'S FREELY OFFER THE PROPAGANDA POWER OF ITS PAGES TO FURTHER THIS MURDEROUS PROGRAM?

Is COLLIER'S being inadvertently USED in this campaign? Or does Collier's WANT IT THAT WAY?

Very truly yours,

Royal Lee, President
You can find the amazing story of the Drosnes & Lazenby Clinic here, on page 71.

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Making Money on Cancer

Regarding the rising incidence of cancer, see what Dr. James C. Thomson wrote - back in the early 1900's:
The glaring and carefully ignored fact that is constantly bypassed is the cancer rate is increasing for all ages, but especially among young people. As many readers will know, quite tiny infants today are dying of cancer in their cradles.

Personally I would place the responsibility on the shoulders of the drug houses and their agents, the drug doctors, along with the food manipulating firms. So far as I can judge, these are the two major groups responsible for this most disturbing new development.

A large factor of uncertainty arises because the most fantastic profits are made by the industries which live upon disease and war. The great chemical cartels are involved in both, and their influence spreads far afield. They spend millions annually on "educating" the public into an acceptance of war and disease as inexorable.

Recently Ralph Wightman received a great ovation when he suggested that to make money out of war should be illegal. I would go further; I would include disease. But such laws are impossible. Represenatives of the cunning men who draw enormous incomes from these evils, congest the Universities, Medical Schools and Parliaments of the "civilized" world.
Has anything changed since then?

* * * * Many Symptoms, One Disease * * * *

After more than 50 years experience, Dr. J. H. Tilden wrote:
"After years of floundering in the great sea of medical and surgical speculation to find the causes of so-called "diseases", all I could find was that all of the people were sick part of the time, a part of the people were sick all of the time, but, glory be, all of the people were not sick all of the time. Some people got well under my treatment and friends would say that I cured them; Others died and friends would say that Providence removed them. I knew that I did not cure those who got well, and I did not like to acknowledge, even to myself, that I had killed those that died ….

"It took a long time to evolve out of the conventional idea of
many diseases into the truth that there is but one disease, and that the 400 catalogued so-called diseases are but different manifestations of toxemia - blood and tissue uncleanliness.
Dr. John H. Tilden, the son of a physician, was born in Van Burenburg, Illinois, on January 21, 1851. He received his medical education at the Eclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, a medical school founded in 1830 as a protest against the allopathic and homeopathic schools of medicine of that time. He was graduated in 1872, with the degree of doctor of medicine. From the best information we can obtain, his father was a Dr. Joseph G. Tilden, who came from Vermont in 1837 to Kentucky, where he married.

Dr. John H. Tilden started the practice of medicine at Nokomis, Illinois, then for a year at St. Louis, Missouri, and then at Litchfield, Illinois, until 1890, when he moved to Denver, Colorado. In Denver he located in the downtown business section, in an office with other doctors. Later he established a sanitarium in an outer section of the city. This sanitarium and school he conducted until 1924, when he sold the Institution, for about half of what he had plowed back into its development, to a Dr. Arthur Voss of Cincinnati, Ohio, intending to devote himself to writing and lecturing. However, he soon became discontented without his school and after a period he bought two residences on Pennsylvania Avenue, in Denver, united them into one and opened a new sanitarium and school, having to borrow from a friend a part of the money with which to make the purchases. This probably was in 1926. This school continued until the Doctor's death, on September 1, 1940.

It was during the early years of his practice in Illinois, that Dr. Tilden began to question the use of medicine to cure illness. His extensive reading, especially of medical studies from European medical schools, and his own thinking, led him to the conclusion that there should be some way to live so as not to build disease, and in this period his thoughts on toxemia began to formulate and materially develop. From the beginning of his practice in Denver, the Doctor used no medicine but practiced his theory of clearing the body of toxic poison and then allowing nature to make the cure, teaching his patients how to live so as not to create a toxic condition and to retain a healthy body free of disease. An uncompromising realist and a strict disciplinarian, the Doctor wasted no time on those who would not relinquish degenerating habits, but to his patients and disciples he was both friend and mentor.

In 1900 he began the publication of a monthly magazine called "The Stuffed Club," which continued until 1915, when he changed the name to "The Philosophy of Health," and in 1926 the name was changed to "Health Review and Critique." His writing for his publication was almost entirely done in the early morning hours, from three until seven. The purpose of the publication was not to make money but to spread knowledge of the Doctor's teachings. In time it attained a wide circulation, not only in this country but also abroad, even in Australia, but it never produced revenue, for the Doctor refused to make it an advertising medium, as often urged to do by advertising firms. As his death revealed, after sixty-eight years of practice, the Doctor had accumulated only an exceedingly modest estate. His life was pre-eminently one of self-sacrifice and of devotion to service, searching after truth, with an indomitable will and with an intense fortitude to adhere to the truth when discovered. In his day the Doctor's thoughts received no support from the established medical profession but brought the strongest of opposition and condemnation.

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Dr. Tullio Simoncini's Postoperative Methodology
for Cancer Lumpectomy

Special thanks to Frances Oman for telling her story and filming it. If only more were as smart, brave and forthright. Smart, for checking out other therapeutic avenues; Brave, for bucking the trend of those less fortunate and ignorant, or hypnotized into trusting allopathic ("conventional") medicine; And forthright, for telling us and filming it - to show us too.

She used Gerson therapy, first of all, to change her dietary routines. To help her get well even faster, she took the recommendation of the Gerson people and submitted to a resection of the tumor - done in Rome, by Dr. Tullio Simoncini, who uses Sodium Bicarbonate to sterilize the post-surgical wound and to kill any leftover cancer cells that might otherwise again take root. (This cheap product would never cut the grade in America because it's not patentable. This common solution is a whole lot different than the poisonous chemotherapy used in America.) After the surgery she remained on the Gerson diet.

The Gerson therapy is not focused on in this film; Dr. Simoncini's method gets most of the attention.

The doctor may well be mocked by many of his allopathic counterparts, but for the rest of us he is a champion of good. The well-being of his patient he holds more sacred than allegiance to money or a false creed.
Source: Here.

Artificial Heart Transplant

From a nine-hour surgical foray into medical history in 1967, fast-forward to 2010, when another leap has been made, this time in Israel with the implant of an artificial, titanium-alloy heart in the chest of a 74-year-old member of a kibbutz, the Hebrew term for a collective community.

Due to his age, “Ronen” (pseudonym) was not a candidate for a “live” heart transplant, the operation pioneered by famed South African heart surgeon Dr. Christiaan Barnard, who died in 2001. Instead, he has become the oldest person in Israel to receive an artificial heart, and the oldest in the world to receive the 140-gram HeartWare device, in an operation that took only five hours to complete on his birthday.
Entire article here.

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You Can CURE Degenerative Disease
- (I repeat) You CAN!

If only people, who succumb to these illnesses, don't fall for the rush to conventional therapy, as these conventionalists urge, and simply try these simple nutritive therapies, they'd save themselves a lot of agony, and a lot of money, and will be able to get back their good health.

Here's another good video clip that says the same thing:

Healing Cancer by Diet

There's so much disinformation out there on cancer, and on other degenerative diseases, that I like to post stuff that dispels some of that untruth. It's been so pervasive for so long. It's only thanks to the internet that now simple folk like myself can try and fight the mafia, each of us in our little way, to try and bring sanity and real care into medicinal therapeutics.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

Cancer Cure Rates

Statistics of this disease are hard to come by, but if you listen or watch the advertising, you'd think cures were easy to come by. Here's a chart of some statistics, such as we'd like to see more of, for they immediately tell the real story. The one below looks quite appropriate for the results one can expect if they're unfortunate enough to undergo "CONVENTIONAL" medical "treatment". They hardly ever use the words therapy or cure. Do you know that the only permissible treatments for cancer in America is burn, poison or cut; Said in euphemistic speak, that's radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery. Pretty grim, no?Their advertising (drug-pushers that they are) often sounds something like this:
"Hey, you know someone with Alzheimers? Now they can try a new experimental drug. They won't even have to pay a dime. They'll even have their travel expenses paid for. Sign up now. Qualified people are waiting to interview them. (That means any dope willing to make their older kin a guinea pig for the drug company will gladly be taken advantage of). And it's at this beautiful ivory-paneled hospital (to add luster and so-alled respectfulness, the better to hide this disgusting proposal)".

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Medical Establishment in the Pockets of the Pharmaceuticals

Is Academic Medicine for Sale?
An editorial from the New England Journal of Medicine from 2000,
even more relevant today.

This woman is part of the system and therefore her conclusions are not nearly forceful enough. Those doctors in the employ of pharmaceuticals who have published (in this journal and all other "respectable" ones) are not mentioned by name, to disqualify their "findings". And since 2000 they continue to publish their slanted research. What's worse, their colleaugues continue to be recruited in greater numbers by the drug industry.

In 1984 the Journal became the first of the major medical journals to require authors of original research articles to disclose any financial ties with companies that make products discussed in papers submitted to us. (1) We were aware that such ties were becoming fairly common, and we thought it reasonable to disclose them to readers. Although we came to this issue early, no one could have foreseen at the time just how ubiquitous and manifold such financial associations would become. The article by Keller et al. (2) in this issue of the Journal provides a striking example. The authors' ties with companies that make antidepressant drugs were so extensive that it would have used too much space to disclose them fully in the Journal. We decided merely to summarize them and to provide the details on our Web site.

Finding an editorialist to write about the article presented another problem. Our conflict-of-interest policy for editorialists, established in 1990, (3) is stricter than that for authors of original research papers. Since editorialists do not provide data, but instead selectively review the literature and offer their judgments, we require that they have no important financial ties to companies that make products related to the issues they discuss. We do not believe disclosure is enough to deal with the problem of possible bias. This policy is analogous to the requirement that judges recuse themselves from hearing cases if they have financial ties to a litigant. Just as a judge's disclosure would not be sufficiently reassuring to the other side in a court case, so we believe that a policy of caveat emptor is not enough for readers who depend on the opinion of editorialists.

But as we spoke with research psychiatrists about writing an editorial on the treatment of depression, we found very few who did not have financial ties to drug companies that make antidepressants.

(Read rest here).