Thursday, March 11, 2010

Femur fractures on Fosamax

"Women throughout the United States have reported suffering spontaneous and unexplained femur fractures on Fosamax.", was today's headline somewhere in the U.S.!

What will the AMA and their ilk say in response? "Don't worry, don't jump to conclusions; No need to dump the Fosamax; Just speak to your doctor."

Doctor - huh? Keep taking the poison, right? Don't worry about your bones breaking?

This story, like most others about pharmaceutical junkmeds, really is a headline screaming: "This drug is poison; Taking it makes your bones suffer (but maybe not to the extent that it'll necessarily break your bones!"

Don't people yet understand that taking these pseudomeds are further poisoning them, instead of helping them? That these pharmaceutical pushers are not really just worthless doctors, but stupid killers; Stupid - if they don't know any better, and killers if they do.