Monday, September 5, 2016

Hillary's Coughing Fit

This video (that shows Hillary Clinton in a coughing fit) [LINK] demonstrates an interesting albeit tangential lesson. Medicine professes to be good by "treating" sniffles, colds etc., let alone the heavy-duty ailments, with their patented pills. Never mind that sniffles and coughs are not illnesses nor should be thought of as anything except the body self-cleansing for a short time, but the pills they push, as you clearly discern from this video -- amount to making things worse! You can be sure Hillary is well-heeled to afford the "best doctors", and here you see first-hand the sheer incompetence of American forced-on-the-public allopathic medicine now going on at least with a century of practice. They can't even keep this lady, super-willing to live, in good health. She'd be a psychiatrist's treat, to be sure.

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