Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez -- Yet Another Victim

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

I used to subscribe to this fellow's emails. Then he suddenly disappeared from the physical scene. A young, successful, energetic doctor drops dead but no mention is made of how or to what he succumbed. Why the hushed up circumstances that led to his death?

What happened? How did so fine and healthy a doctor die? And so soon? Just when he has so many past and present patients raving about him. We hear how maverick and naturopathic-oriented he'd become and poof, he's gone?

Age or health probably had nothing to do with it. More likely the medical mafia, "BigPharma", put him away - to neutralize his "resistance" to allopathy. Just another victim in a very long list of strange deaths among alternative physicians. If BigPharma cannot marginalize the stubborn doctor, why - they'll just wipe him away.

It's pretty clear already; Always the same pattern of elimination. Whenever there's a potential for cure to challenge what the mafia wants should remain no more than treatable by drugs (or by surgery or by radiation), the hero is wasted!

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