Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Biology on the Health Horizon

Gaston Naessens lives in Quebec. He's 92. May God grant him and his family long life and wonderful health. He had left his home country, France, because its medical establishment, controlled by a big-pharma-mafia, choked his creativity and his desire to help save lives. Thankfully this mafia's Canadian counterpart proved slightly easier on its choke hold, though not by much. France and America are notoriously corrupt, each run by their government-affiliated mafia cohorts.

His findings are incredible,  new and refreshing. Based on many decades of good research and discovery, scientific and technical, his contributions to knowledge are pivotal; They demand a new look into what makes the cell tick.

It's literally a new biology, with new findings and axioms. No more does DNA rule the roost. No longer is the cell either the "chicken" or the "egg". There is a new "DNA-precursor" element he found and studied, a tiny body he calls the "somatid".

Just as Royal Rife on his own on American turf developing a microscope that can view live tissue at magnifications yielding a resolution in the 50 - 100 Angstroms size, Gaston built his own microscope of that caliber in France. That which previous elite scientists hypothesized, or said to have seen, or have proved via fermentation methodology, Gaston with his microscope took this knowledge to new levels.

Also like Rife, Naessens found a simple albeit different cure to these awful ailments.

A whole new framework is ready for new biology/medicine/physiology/genetics/biochemistry textbooks. That future is now. Gaston opened up windows where before thick shades hung. If you can see up close new things, and study their developments, a new panorama of events paves the way for new logic.

There's a great book by a great medical writer who throws light on this grand scientific genius' findings (Here's a link to chapters 1 and 2: link).

Here's a quote out of this book, two sentences, that shook me to the core, if only its premise confirmed what I had believed for so long:

By studying the somatid cycle as revealed in the blood of human beings suffering from various degenerative diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, cancer, and, most recently, AIDS, Naessens has been able to associate the development of the forms in the sixteen-stage pathological cycle with all of these diseases.
Even more importantly, Naessens has been able to predict the eventual onset of such diseases long before any clinical signs of them have put in an appearance. In other words, he can "prediagnose" them. And he has come to demonstrate that such afflictions have a common functional principle, or basis, and therefore must not be considered as separate, unrelated phenomena as they have for so long been considered in orthodox medical circles. [My highlighting]

Here's a good review and more detail in the scope of things (link);

And here Dr. Naessens himself explains and describes his "new biology" perspective: (link)

Just as Bechamp argued in Pasteur's time, just as Rife had pointed out, so too Naessens made clear - that it's the diseased or traumatized terrain that determines a germ onslaught, not the germ itself, which otherwise could do no harm at all, nor even make an appearance.

Silly modern science regards most illnesses as unique in their own right, and when they cannot comprehend their ontogenesis, they lamely attribute them to "auto-immune" status. If they don't know what it's from, they just say it's genetic or genetic-gone-awry -- and make sure to embellish it with a fancy name (the unique "diagnosis").

Of course the core of the problem we have is with the big-pharma-medical-hospital-mafia establishment that is in cahoots with government, and here lies the real problem we face, and that is how do we maximize our knowledge for our own benefits rather than line the pockets of the greedy, corrupt money-takers?

The book I first read to learn of this great researcher and inventor is this one (link to its text is above): This is an excellent read, especially if you've never heard of Monsieur Naessens, because this man really was and is a great researcher, a great inventor, having invented a microscope's that can magnify 30,000 times, compared to the meager current magnitudes of 2000 at best, and of therefore being able to discover what other great scientists, such as Bechamp, Reich, Rife and others have hypothesized or derived on their own, in their own way, indirectly (except for Rife who also invented a unique, direct microscopic view), namely, something in tissue cells and fluids, that can express itself in pleomorphic manifestations. Don't forget too that Naessens' discoveries were made using live tissue at that enormous magnification, not as today, with much less magnification and, more importantly, on DEAD TISSUE. Naessens was able to study this live "somatid" directly and its 16-cycle stages using his own unique microscope for the job. The book goes on to document all that this fine man discovered and how, until today, he is robbed of his freedom to disseminate his discoveries in a broad gesture! He must still, even after winning a major court battle in Quebec, keep a low profile or the medical mafia will bring in their final canon to blow him out of the water (as they have with so many other great scientists who could cure cancer and other terrifying diseases!

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