Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez -- Something Stinks

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

I used to subscribe to this fellow's email deliveries. Then he suddenly disappeared from the physical scene and the "natural order of events" seems to palpably sidestep any mention of how or to what he succumbed.

What happened to him? How did so fine and healthy a doctor die? And so quick it seems. Just when he has so many past-patients pushing for him. We hear how maverick and naturopathic-oriented he'd become and poof, he's gone? Age could not have been the factor. More likely the "establishment" ("big-pharma") got their paws on him and did away with his "resistance" too allopathy. Just another in a long list. They will marginalize the person, then wipe him out if the guy is stubborn.

It's all pretty clear already, and always follows the same pattern of elimination of that which promises a cure to what they want should remain no more than treatable-by-drugs (or -by-surgery or -by-radiation).

This is the quick and dirty way the world became bereft of many giants. In Canada now, they marginalize Dr Naessans; In the USA they marginalized some fellow who wanted to market the former's immunologic booster product.

In France they marginalized and, finally, probably irradiated Mirko Beljanski in prison after they imprisoned the good scientific genius.

Charlotte Gerson still can't set up shop on this side of the Mexican border; She's now in her 90's, long after her dad was assassinated with arsenic decades earlier. (Here's a recent, personal story of a cure taking place using the Gerson therapy in Mexico.)

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Elderly Male Fertility

The Torah, in Parhas Vayera, suggests a curious biological fact, or poses for today’s medicine a good question: Our matriarch Sarah laughed at the thought of having a baby at 90 years old, because “long after my menopause shall I be rejuvenated? And, (besides) my husband is old.” (Gen.18:12)

ותצחק שרה בקרבה לאמר אחרי בלתי היתה לי עדנה ואדני זקן

The last clause, “and my husband is old”, would make no sense to today’s medical profession. True, women need their periods to be fertile, but men, so what if they’re old? After all, their fertility apparatus can well function no matter what the age.

But the Bible here suggests otherwise; Perhaps sperm of older men lose their fertility “index”, or perhaps their motility index.

Personally I never heard of deterioration of sperm with age -- although it sure sounds plausible, especially because that's what Torah here suggests!

Some might suggest testosterone levels are involved and, usually those who know the least will quickly point to “genetic” causes, but if the hypothesis is true it would have to be proven and not just conjectured upon.

It’d be interesting to find out.

Now if having children at 100 is miraculous, then of course is the miracle of having them at age 140, when Abraham again married and had 6 more (gentile) children.

Of course these aren’t separate miracles but one generation-long extended one, for the miracle of Yitschok’s birth extended it to its entire generation (A “happy generation” -- as Yitschok’s name suggests), for all barren women, gentiles included, became fertile, and, apparently, age too did not render the man infertile.